What is post production & how does it work?

Video post production is a crucial step for making sure your footage looks perfect. Those all-important final processes have a profound impact. Without them, there would be no final cut. These tasks may not be as glamorous as the shoot itself, but they can make or break your video.

Visual Effects

Visual effects can range from digital animation, implementing a green screen background or making something blow up! Adding the final visual effects to a video in the post production stage – whether it’s something as subtle as colour rendition, image correction and compression, or more noticeable technical visual effects tweaking – is the critical final step for any film.

2D & 3D Animations

CGI animation has come an unimaginably long way since its inception in the late forties. Digital animation, in both 2D and 3D, is now a commonplace feature of any video, whether it be a fully-animated film or tweaks as small as colour adjustment.

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Red Bull Air Race Launch Film 2016 - Visual Effects & CGI

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Stella Artois - The Perfectionists

REWIND & post production

Our video post production skills have been honed through years of working in post-house film and TV production. We know the results of the post production process, whether it involves CGI animation or visual effects, will always amaze and excite viewers. Coupling our technical knowledge with our creative direction and pursuit of the latest technologies creates powerful experiences – such as our recent 3D post production work for forward-thinking clients such as Björk and Red Bull.

Whatever your CGI animation needs, whether in 2D or 3D, we can provide assistance with all stages of the post production process. Before making a start on any digital post production project, we fine-tune a brief with the client and plan out a comprehensive workflow timeline with their full collaboration.