What is mixed reality & how does it work?

Mixed Reality is a significant advancement of Augmented Reality (AR) – the technology behind 2016’s Pokémon Go phenomenon.

Mixed Reality experiences promise to be a genuinely transformational technology.

In a “hybrid” environment, interactive virtual objects can be mapped to the physical environment, seamlessly blending the real and the virtual. Microsoft’s HoloLens is the best example of MR to date, and Magic Leap’s offering will help further define the category.

Whilst the core premise of both AR and MR is similar, the crucial difference is the underlying technology. Mixed Reality is (for the moment, at least) headset-based, whereas AR is viewed through a flat-screen such as a smartphone or tablet. Mixed Reality is also aware of the geometry of the environment around you – using it as the canvas for you to create immersive content that is defined by the space you are in.

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Red Bull Air Race FlightDeck

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HBO: Silicon Valley

REWIND & mixed reality

Having been mentored and evaluated by Microsoft as part of the Mixed Reality Partner Program we are one of a few mixed reality production partners in the UK that can be trusted to create the future of MR experiences.

Working with Red Bull Air Race, the team conceived the idea of Flight Deck. The MR experience for HoloLens takes the excitement of the Red Bull Air Race to a whole new level. The user learns the rules of one of the fastest sports in the world, from the Start Gates to how to take a Chicane; watches a live race with TV feeds and witnesses for the first time more than one plane fly head-to-head; plus stands next to a 1:1 scale Edge 540 plane.

It is the future of live sport.