What is Digital Out of Home & how does it work?

Put simply, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising refers to digital marketing techniques that occur outside the home.

DOOH advertising and experiential marketing have both had a huge overhaul in recent years. In aspiring to attract more attention and diversity to the medium, much of it has become digital and dynamic. Utilisation of creative technology has prompted this shift away from the ‘look at me’ effect, and towards engagement with audiences in a way that feels more intuitive and intelligent, and delivers a unique marketing experience.

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Castrol EDGE – #clonerival

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Nissan and the Champions League Final - Motion Simulated Game


Rather than create a standard, static billboard for our clients, we produce creative DOOH campaigns using booths, touch screens, projections and much more to engage, enhance dwell time, and provide a personal and more meaningful user experience.

Thanks to technology, anything can be an advertisement. For example, we’ve built a motivational mirror for IKEA that used motion sensors to recognise and interact with their customers, offering motivational comments.

We work with the latest technological advancements. From facial recognition and positional tracking to binaural audio and live sensor systems, our knowledge of technology allows us to achieve the seemingly impossible.