Transforming The Future Of Fashion

Three wanted to launch the UK’s first permanent consumer-facing 5G installation at Central Saint Martins (CSM) in a high profile and innovative way during London Fashion Week.


The World’s First 5G Mixed Reality Fashion Show

Working with Three and Connie Harrison, director of immersive experiences, REWIND created the world’s first 5G mixed reality fashion show.

REWIND’s task was to bring to life the opening collection of the hotly anticipated CSM MA fashion show, created by upcoming designer Gerrit Jacob. Gerrit’s eclectic and colourful interpretations, drawn from the 80s gaming arcades and fairgrounds scene, were given a turbo-boost with Magic Leap technology and mixed reality content.

Mixed reality has the power to inject a little bit of magic into the real world and it never fails to delight and amaze. It was the perfect medium to use to augment the catwalk and further enhance the collection and Gerrit’s story. Three’s 5G removed limitations and allowed REWIND to deliver a next-gen immersive experience which created a wow moment during London Fashion Week.

On the night of the show, Lennon Gallagher modeled and the front row included Vogue’s editor-in-chief Edward Enninful, fashion portrait photographer Rankin, Natalie Dormer, Jordan Dunn, Toby Huntington-Whiteley, and Susie Bubble.

The mixed reality show was a first glimpse into how 5G will transform the future of fashion and how the fashion elite could view collections with increased creativity on the catwalk, as they are brought into the mind of the designer. 5G delivers the speed and processing power that allows tech like Magic Leap to be optimised, rendering incredibly complex and responsive holographic animations in real time.