REWIND, You’re Hired!

The Apprentice is addictive TV viewing, a global success story and much more than just a game show. It’s a lesson in how to do – or not to do – business. So when REWIND got the call, the only conceivable answer was yes!

Fittingly, the candidates were given their virtual reality production task within VR. The eight contestants could see themselves and interact with each other and a virtual Lord Sugar. Created in Unity for HTC Vive, the experience lasted four minutes and gave the hopeful Apprentices their first taste of both the tech and the medium.


Two Fully-Playable VR Games Created in under 18 Hours

As usual, the candidates were split into two teams. Each team had a different game engine – Unity or Unreal – and 24 hours to create a working VR experience. One half of each team worked on the branding, while the other half was immersed in the development of the VR experience. The candidates’ creative ideas and direction were turned into a VR reality.

It was a tough challenge. Not only did the candidates have to get to grips with technology many had never seen before, they had to then dash straight over to London Comic Con and show their efforts to the public, many of whom were hardcore gamers and a tough audience to please!

While the results were never going to be the best possible examples of VR content creation, due to the time constraints and fact that novices were leading the projects, creating two fully-playable VR games in under 18 hours is not to be sniffed at!