Recruitment Through Innovation

Siemens, the global technology and industrial manufacturing powerhouse, has a pioneering history and a footprint in 200 countries. Its 351,000 employees are fundamental to the business. The brand wanted to showcase its hyperconnected workplace and enable people to meet the employees leading the way to a smarter future.


AR Solution

In answer to the brief, We Are Future Makers: See the Unseen AR was conceived. The solution was developed as a bespoke application using Apple’s ARKit framework for iOS. The team created an engaging, immersive experience to showcase the innovative work of employees, and the global impact it has.

In the experience, the user sees a globe rise from the table with a graphical overlay showing the location of the employees across the globe. The user is then able to select from five employees – one in Chicago, Berlin, Chengdu and two in Lisbon –  and learn about the important projects they are involved in. These stories are conveyed through animations, data cards, and V/O, with the global impact revealed through dynamic animation sequences.

REWIND worked with R/GA to deliver the project.