Bespoke Tour to Market High-End Property

The benefits of interactive VR for real estate visualisation and marketing have been widely reported; Savills was one of the first UK estate agents to embrace the technology – they commissioned a bespoke VR experience to market a £16.75 million mansion.


A Unique Viewing Solution

The impressive property was spherically scanned, filmed and photographed using the latest in 3D and virtual reality technology, and constructed in a bespoke VR ready app. This enabled viewers to explore all aspects of the property in incredible detail – through self-navigated and guided tours – while offering unique viewing solutions and positions not normally possible in real-world property tours.

Key rooms were scanned to a high degree of accuracy, allowing depth data to be combined with photogrammetry to deliver a realistic feeling of space and scale, similar to that of a physical viewing. Audio was integrated so that users could hear birds singing in the garden or the roar of the fireplace in a room.

This easy-to-use application was delivered on Oculus Rift as a ‘turnkey’ solution and was showcased at the ‘Masterpiece’ exhibition in London and displayed at Savills’ headquarters.