A Visionary Reveal at Unite AutoTech Summit

REWIND has a history of driving innovation in the automotive industry. In 2014, the team created the first fully interactive VR car configurator for the launch of the Lexus NX. In 2016, REWIND built the reveal of the Jaguar I-PACE concept car in VR, using 66 connected Vives running live across two continents.

Now, with the ever powerful Millennial in mind, the focus is on a VR tool which will revolutionize the car buying process. Revealed at Unite LA on 23rd October 2018, in partnership with HP and Intel, Salesdrive delivers one-on-one, real-time customised, multi-user VR presentations with your local dealer. These presentations can be done anywhere, at a dealership or at home – a first for the auto industry.


Pioneering VR Sales Tool

At Unite LA, a proof of concept for Salesdrive showed the capabilities of the tool. A sales scenario played out using HP Z VR Backpacks.

Here is how this new revolutionary tool works:

Once in the virtual environment, the dealer can select the type of car they want to show from the Main Menu, they can then rotate the car so the customer in the shared experience sees all angles. The dealer can open doors and the trunk, to allow a closer inspection. From the Lifestyle Menu, items such as baby seats, a stroller, and bike racks with bikes can be selected to show how easily they fit into the car. From the Customization Menu, the wheels and performance options can be changed. At the end of the virtual meeting, the salesperson is shown deep session analytics. This includes a heat map of where the customer was looking during the meeting, helping the dealer to follow-up effectively on key features.

Whilst the scenario that played out at Unite was focused more on the buying stage, the multimedia virtual environment could also be used internally, such as during the design process for technical designers to easily show future design intent to non-technical stakeholders.

The platform has multiple benefits for many parties. For consumers, the bespoke real-time virtual meeting will provide the customisation and detail needed to make an important purchase decision. For salespeople, full product ranges can be easily showcased and in-depth analytics from the meeting will provide valuable deal-closing information. For the manufacturers, it ensures dealers are using the latest information about their models.

In the past, technology has diminished the role of the car dealer, now we are seeing how technology can aid the role of the dealer.

Salesdrive is a collaboration between REWIND, HP and Intel.