Bringing the Rolls-Royce Vision of the Future to Life

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars wanted to bring to life a vision for the future: Rolls-Royce’s VISION NEXT 100, codenamed 103EX. VR was chosen as a suitable medium to achieve this and a beautifully crafted 360° video, comprised of filmed and rendered content, was created.


A Journey into the Future

In this immersive video, Eleanor Thornton, the model and muse behind the iconic ‘Spirit of Ecstasy,’ provides a beguiling voiceover accompanying the intricate opening particle sequence. The viewer is then taken on a journey from Goodwood, ‘The Home of Rolls-Royce’, to arrive inside the 103EX car, exploring it from all angles.

The opening fly-through of Goodwood was captured using Nokia’s OZO camera and an ALTA 6 drone. REWIND was one of the first companies in the UK (if not the world) to make use of bespoke rigs and drone-mount this innovative new camera system. The result is a breathtaking ‘magic carpet ride’.

Next, viewers enjoy and explore the fine detail of the 103EX in CG and the final view is a high-speed animated race into the future. Rolls-Royce’s dream of a zero-emission drivetrain with advanced suspension allows the vehicle to almost skim across the road surface.

Watch the video below, and visit the official Rolls Royce website to find out more about this amazing concept car.