The Exhilaration of Being an Elite Pilot

The Red Bull Air Race is the fastest motorsport on the planet. Red Bull wanted to create an experience that replicated the exhilaration that elite pilots feel when competing and give people an adrenaline rush, literally give them ‘wings’.

The challenge was to really make people feel what it was like to be 50 feet in the air, traveling at 200 miles per hour. VR was chosen as the solution due to its ability to make people feel like they are present in a new environment.

Pushing the Level of Immersion

Fully immersive laps of key racing circuits were modeled. To ensure an authentic and accurate experience, the course was first scanned using high-resolution 3D LiDAR data and combined with satellite imagery. The flight paths were then crafted from real telemetry data, which was recorded live during World Championship races. This allowed for highly accurate representations of each lap. Air Race champion Paul Bonhomme was also consulted in order to ensure that the flight path was as correct and as realistic as possible; the site was reproduced to an accuracy of 6 inches. This blend of technical data with cutting-edge visuals resulted in the highest quality of VR immersion possible.

The VR experience was developed into a marketing stand, suitable for deployment at key events around the world.