4D VR Driving Simulator

The iconic Nissan GT-R has a 3.8-litre V6 twin-turbo engine. The aim was to give attendees of the Goodwood Festival of Speed the chance to experience the power and force of the engine – virtually.

Sitting in the passenger seat of the supercar, users of the Nissan GT-R VR experience got to feel what record-breaking Brit NISMO driver Jann Mardenborough feels when he races, as he took them on the thrill ride of their lives around Millbrook racetrack. The 4D VR driving simulator used the latest Samsung Gear VR headsets and state-of-the-art dynamic chairs. Up to 15 festival goers at a time experienced the fast lane as the Brit race ace put the iconic GT-R through its paces.

Bespoke Rigs, Post-Production and Audio

REWIND captured the 360° footage of the Millbrook race track on Nokia’s OZO, mounted to a bespoke 360° rig within the car itself to give a clear view from the front passenger seat and truly capture a first-person feel. Back in the studio, the post-production phase was carried out. The footage was stitched together to create a single 360° piece of film, colour corrected and any imperfections fixed.

As well as the stunning visuals, audio played an important part in the final experience. The car was rigged with microphones to capture Mardenborough’s drive narrative, which was combined with the 360° footage for a fully immersive experience.

REWIND worked with TRO to deliver the project.