Yaya Touré Scores Football Skills

To raise awareness of Nissan’s partnership with the Champions League in a fun and engaging way, a fully-interactive motion simulated game was created to test football skills under the watchful eye of Yaya Toure, who provided feedback to the user.

The aim of the game was to hit three targets of varying difficulty by kicking a physical football inside the projection cave. Various scores and statistics were tracked for each attempt, including accuracy, speed, and reaction times, which were then combined to give a total performance skill score.


Real-Time Game Engine Technology

The experience utilised real-time game engine technology, projecting a 10k panoramic image (equivalent to 5 x 1080p screens) around the player. To give a feeling of existing in this virtual world, the player was motioned tracked, allowing the projections to be warped in real-time, based on their viewpoint. This then provided a realistic parallax effect from the player’s point of view, fully immersing them into the game environment.

In addition to the game and motion system, a custom sensor array was created to not only provide live telemetry as the ball was kicked, but to detect where the ball hit the rear wall, instantly providing score feedback in the game. A score submission system was also created. This allowed for instant upload of the player’s score data to Nissan’s servers for instant player feedback, via the official Nissan game app.

REWIND delivered the project with Fix8 and TRO.