Helping Endangered Species

Extinct is LADBible’s campaign to raise awareness and share inspiration about the progress to help endangered animals. As the youth media partner for the Government’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT), LADBible turned to REWIND to create the official AR execution for the DEFRA Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference.


An AR Lens For A Cause

REWIND created a Snapchat AR lens to highlight the plight of African elephants. Stylistically in keeping with LADBible’s Extinct campaign, the experience is designed to imply that an impending extinction event will be by the hands of mankind. Snapchat was chosen due to LADBible’s close connection with the brand and its ability to connect with a wider audience.

Upon activation, the user is transformed into a proud African forest elephant, complete with tusks. After a moment, VO from Channel 4 Presenter Rick Edwards plays, explaining the plight of these animals. The tusks begin to fade away whilst the Elephant’s eyes close. Once the tusks are gone, the user has a moment to look at themselves before the elephant head fades away and is replaced by an Ivory necklace and text that states ‘Around 100 Elephants every day are killed for their ivory.’

The AR lens went live on Snapchat on 11th October 2018 and was shown at Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference.