BIMA Award Winner 2017

The I-PACE Concept launch signified the start of a new era for Jaguar – the brand’s first ever electric vehicle and a step towards the future.

The forward-thinking nature of the car deserved an equally futuristic launch; at the LA Auto Show, the I-PACE Concept was revealed in a first-of-its-kind global social virtual reality experience. Working with Imagination and supported by HTC and Dell, the launch was a groundbreaking feat which defined the future of product launches.

66 connected Vives delivered a multi-user experience over two continents; three live-streamed presenters in one virtual environment took the audience on a journey of discovery. Throughout the launch day, more than 300 guests were transported into a specially created life-like virtual space into which, two of the car’s creators, Ian Callum and Ian Hoban, were projected.


A Groundbreaking Social VR Launch

From VR hubs in Los Angeles and London, groups of 66 guests including A-list stars Michelle Rodriguez, Miranda Kerr and James Corden, used HTC Vive Business Edition headsets, powered by Dell Precision workstations, to put themselves inside the concept car and interact live with other participants.

After previewing the exterior of the vehicle, guests were transported into the driver’s seat for an intimate view of the Jaguar I-PACE Concept’s unique interior design, discovering hidden details and features all while having a 360° view of Venice Beach.

The boundaries were further pushed with the inclusion of social interaction and a live presenter broadcast into a single VR world. Groups in both LA and London were able to communicate and interact with one another, all while watching Ian Callum and Ian Hoban explain, through high-end real-time 3D graphics, both the design process and technology behind the forward-thinking concept car.

Vive Virtual Reality customers across the globe can now experience the reveal moment and explore the technology and design stories through a full VR app (also created by Imagination and REWIND) of the car available via Viveport.

“Jaguar just showed us the future of car launches” – VRFocus
“I attended the Jaguar VR car launch and press events will never be the same” – Upload VR
“Jaguar’s use of VR means product launches will never be the same again” – IBTimes