Driving Innovation

Infiniti designs cars that empower drivers, and there’s nothing more empowering than being at the centre of the action, controlling events. So, at the 2017 Pebble Beach Automotive Week, guests were taken inside the brand’s latest concept.

This story was told through Soul of the Machine, a narrated virtual reality experience featuring the QX50 Concept. Guests were invited to sit in the driver’s seat, where they could trigger the VR experience with their actions. Users immediately began seeing car parts drift toward them from the horizon to form a QX50 Concept around them. For this effect, the car was split into 342 parts and 50 animations were created and used. The digital visualisation of how the car perceives the world around it was made up of 2.2 million triangles.


Engagement at Pebble Beach Automotive Week

As participants visually explored the car guided by narration, new experiences were activated to highlight its interior and exterior – its Drive Assist Technologies, designed to enhance drivers’ senses, and the world’s first production-ready Variable Compression Turbocharged (VCT) Engine – an innovation 20 years in the making.

Over three days, guests enjoyed the 3.5-minute experience via a TPCAST Wireless Vive solution. By removing the long cord running from the PC to the headset, users had more freedom of movement, while a puck tracked the user’s seat to ensure that they could always find their way back to the physical seat.

Jesse Jones, VP / Group Executive Producer, CP+B said: “REWIND is leading the charge to create immersive brand experiences far beyond what we ever thought would be possible in VR and mixed reality. The team was up for any challenge we threw at them, and working with them was equal parts brilliant, nice, fun and super pro.”

REWIND worked with Tool of North America and Crispin Porter + Bogusky to deliver the project.