Amplifying a News Story

Two-thirds of Brits battle with image insecurity and self-doubt. Off the back of this research, which was used to generate a news story, the first ever motivational mirror was trialled at IKEA, Wembley. Its simple aim was to make people feel better about themselves.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Next-generation Kinect motion sensor technology detected data about shoppers’ facial and bodily features, and then activated a corresponding compliment stored within the system. These personalised messages were delivered by a voice recording and text appearing on the mirror. Confidence boosters included “wow, have you been working out?” and “that’s a magnificent beard”. The mirror even wolf-whistled to the unsuspecting public.

The mirror was part of IKEA’s campaign to raise awareness of how simple solutions in the home can make our daily routines better.

REWIND worked with Hope & Glory PR on the project.