Eye Tracking Technology Showcased

FOVE is a Kickstarter-funded VR headset whose big advantage is eye-tracking – in addition to knowing how your head is moving, it can tell where you are looking. The headset manufacturer wanted a dynamic AAA launch title to showcase the key benefits of the eye-tracking technology.

Project Falcon was born.

Launched at Tokyo Game Show, the unique virtual reality experience married groundbreaking HMD technology, eye-tracking, navigation and rendering techniques.


AAA Launch Title

The user controls weapons by gazing (foveating) around the world. This gives the player the edge when it comes to destroying robots in a fast-paced, high-energy setting. The player can explore the scene, uncover narratives and control the user interface just by gazing at different areas of the experience. The player battles through the streets of a futuristic city, combating robots, in order to overthrow the mysterious Project Falcon.

REWIND took the experience from concept to storyboard, animatic, previs, design, code, development, sound design and delivery. Unreal Engine was used to provide AAA quality graphics and deliver a best-in-class experience not only of the FOVE technology, but in VR as a whole.