Interactive, Motion Activated Billboard

For the worldwide launch of Xbox One, Microsoft was keen to promote its launch titles. REWIND was asked to provide a DOOH solution based on the latest installment of the highly popular Forza racing series, Forza 5.

The Solution

In a site located firmly in the heart of Hauptbahnhof Station at the centre of Berlin, with over 350,000 passengers passing through the station daily, a large visually bold and interactive billboard proved to be the ideal solution. A bespoke motion activated billboard was designed and built. Screen content was triggered by moving into a detection zone, and the viewer also experienced targeted audio using a Sound Shower. In addition, the team designed and implemented a dual failover solution, with sufficient redundancy to ensure that the installation could be left unattended for the week of launch.

REWIND worked with Curb and LSLive to deliver the project.