The Future of Live Sport

During the Red Bull Air Race, competing planes regularly hit 255km per hour traveling through complex courses only 50ft off the ground. Due to this huge risk factor, only one plane is allowed in the sky at any one time. This means that fans who travel to watch the race essentially see a series of time trials rather than planes going head-to-head, making it hard to judge the performance of one plane over another. However, fans viewing the race at home can see a ghost plane, which can be used as a benchmark, arguably giving a better experience.

To combat this, and to make the race as accessible as possible, Flight Deck – a mixed reality experience for Microsoft HoloLens – was conceived. As a Microsoft approved developer for HoloLens, the team was able to work closely with both Microsoft and Red Bull to create an immersive experience that substantially enhances the live-viewing of the sport.


Taking the Excitement of the Race to the Next Level

The user learns the rules of one of the fastest sports in the world, from the Start Gates to how to take a Chicane; watches a live race with TV feeds and witnesses for the first time more than one plane fly head-to-head; plus stands next to a 1:1 scale Edge 540 plane.

Flight Deck was taken on a test flight at the San Diego Air Race and was stationed in the VIP lounge. Utilising the power of the Microsoft HoloLens and its ‘multi-lense’ function, three attendees could be guided through the experience at one time, delivering a unique and personal experience for each participant.