A Future Vision

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) is among the leading professional services firms in the world. Its purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

The UK firm wanted to devise an experience for its clients, allowing them to explore and better understand the range of potential future disruptions that could impact their organisation, thereby helping them to future-proof their business strategies.

An Immersive VR Solution

To capture the future in an engaging way and ensure people could truly imagine it, a fully immersive solution was needed. Using the medium of VR and through storytelling, a first of its kind business tool was created.

A future view of the world was built in VR to show how forces such as immersive tech, artificial intelligence and robotics –  as well as geographic, social, and climate trends – might impact on our future. Within the experience, the user is taken on a journey; first by driverless car, then stepping out to explore a streetscape with all the interactions this offers. 20 different ‘disruptors’ feature in the sequence from barista robots to pop-up adverts.

One of the most innovative aspects of the experience is the ability to benchmark feedback. Throughout the experience, users can highlight disruptors, which are reported back to them at the end, with a question asking how impactful each disruption will be to their business. This data is collected and can be analysed and benchmarked against the views of previous users. Within companies, team members can see how their views rank against those of their colleagues and there also the potential to benchmark a company’s views against those of its competitors.

The user is immersed in the futuristic world via one of PwC’s HTC Vive headsets, with the software itself running off a laptop and transformer. Other participants in the room are able to watch the experience unfold on a second screen which helps to further inspire conversations about the business impact of future technology. The kit is entirely portable, allowing PwC to take the experience to client workshops around the world.