The Ultimate Rival

Taking cues from popular driving games that provide a ghost car experience for players to test their skills against previous runs, Castrol #CloneRivals saw legendary racing drivers, Darren Turner and Christoffer Nygaard, pitted against their ultimate rivals: themselves.

An inch-perfect, real-time replica of the Ascari track was created and fed into a cutting-edge simulator chair. This allowed the drivers to feel a highly realistic range of physical motion, as well as allowing them to push themselves to the limit, as if they were tackling the real track. A biometric system allowed the racers to be monitored during their laps, both virtual and physical.


Race Day

Turner was initially asked to set his lap time around the Ascari race track in Spain on a top-of-the-line simulator, all the while hooked up to a full biometric system to measure his fear responses, including a heart-rate monitor, galvanic skin response system, and EEG machine. This data was fully captured, and taken over to the real Ascari track to allow Darren to test his skills against his virtual self.

On race day, all the data previously recorded on the simulator chair was condensed down into a heads-up-display mounted in the car, allowing Darren and Christoffer access to their Clone Rival. They were also connected to the biometric system so that their physical responses could be compared to when they drove the virtual track.

Click below to watch the full video and the behind-the-scenes making-of.

REWIND worked with Brooklyn Brothers to deliver the project.