Immersive Music Experience Gives Sense of Freedom

For the UK launch of Blu, the global electronic-cigarette brand ran an ATL campaign ‘Blu Freedom’, which featured a group of friends living unhindered by the restraints of traditional cigarettes. The brand wanted to bring this theme to life and also add a layer of interactivity to its sampling experience.

An immersive, musical interactive virtual reality experience was created to capture the essence of the campaign, allowing users to leave their reality and enter another, giving an extreme sense of freedom, emotion and exploration. Consumers were plunged into a new Blu world – inspired by Burning Man festival – containing events triggered by an original dance music track.

Engaging Activation

This unique experience was delivered using the Oculus Rift and housed within a bespoke, custom-made bus, which made appearances at club nights around the country as part of the Blu Nation Tour – a music tour and sampling experience.

REWIND worked with Cake to deliver the project.