An Immersive and Intimate Performance

Björk has been innovating since the 80s, so when VR came along it was no surprise that she was one of the first artists to embrace it. REWIND worked on her first VR project – Stonemilker. The 360° video experience puts the user on an Icelandic beach with Björk singing directly to them in a deeply intimate and unique performance.

The video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, and the app features a stellar line-up of co-collaborators, including Chris Pike (BBC) and Chris Elms,, Two Big Ears, Andrew Melchior, and Digital Domain.

Bespoke 360° Player

At the time, there wasn’t a 360 video player that was sophisticated enough to host the immersive video – so REWIND created one. The bespoke player displays high-resolution, stereoscopic 360° video at 60 frames per second, while simultaneously running a binaural audio system in real time.

Download the app direct from the App Store here.