A New Spin on Strictly

The aim was to take a hugely successful, shiny-floor Saturday night show and inject just enough chaos in the spirit of innovation to deliver a new perspective for its audience – a full 360° view from the heart of the dance floor. This project was a first for a prime-time BBC programme with such a large viewership.

Working closely with the production team, during rehearsals and the shoot, allowed for direct feedback from the award-winning choreographer Jason Gilkison, who then adapted the routine for optimal 360° video filming conditions. To capture footage on set, a bespoke rig of micro cameras was created. This set-up gave the ability to produce content at a full 360 degrees, while being small and discreet enough to allow filming during the live recording of the show.

Multiple technical challenges created by placing a camera rig in a dance environment were overcome to deliver a fully immersive experience. High-end post-production and visual effects techniques were then applied to ensure that the project could meet the standards of the BBC’s flagship entertainment programmes.

Multi-Platform Distribution

The aim was to not only provide an interactive accompaniment to the show, but to push the boundaries of what was currently possible with 360° immersive video across a broad spectrum of platforms.The content was available for the public to view on the official Strictly Come Dancing microsite, YouTube’s 360° player and the Strictly Come Dancing Facebook page. Users who had access to a virtual reality headset such as the Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift had the ability to view the content directly through YouTube’s VR mode.