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/ 28.09.2018

The Lowdown On The Oculus Quest

The last time we wrote about Oculus’ latest piece of hardware, it was still just a codename –  ‘Santa Cruz’ – but promising to shake up the VR industry. Thanks to this week’s Oculus Connect 5 Keynote, we know a whole lot more about it.

The Quest is a device that not only delivers on technology, but content too, and at a price that won’t put off the masses.


The Ease Of Use

The Quest joins the many other stand-alone HMDs in the market which means it doesn’t need a PC or mobile to power it. There are no worries when it comes to wires or base stations, so any space can become a ‘VR Space’ making it easy and accessible.

The Technology

The device differentiates itself from the Go, the other stand-alone device in the Oculus family, as it carries Oculus Insight, a technology that powers the device’s “inside-out” tracking capabilities. It is the first-ever headset to have this technology.

VR Focus explains: “Oculus Insight uses four ultra wide-angle external sensors and computer vision algorithms to track and map the area in real time whilst also tracking the Oculus Touch controllers. The technology looks for edges, corners, and any other distinct features in the environment to generate a point map of the user’s location, creating an estimate every millisecond of where their head is.”

Six degrees-of-freedom, without the need for external sensors, is a big deal. With all that possible movement, it’s no surprise that Oculus has integrated its Guardian tech into the device – letting you put up virtual boundaries to prevent you walking into walls etc.


The Content

The Quest will launch with over 50 titles, including Robo Recall and Moss. Furthermore, at the Oculus Connect 5 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that “Future versions of our product are going to be compatible with the old ones. All of the content that works for Rifts is going to work on the next version.”

Platform compatibility is essential to get developers confident in building for the immersive medium, but also to give consumers confidence that if they buy a piece of Oculus hardware, there will already be a stellar lineup of titles waiting for them to play.

The Price

$399 is a good price point when you consider the total cost of ownership – you don’t need a PC (or mobile), nor an external monitor – and the quality of experience and content you will receive.


The Release Date

The headset will be out in Spring ‘19. This gives the Go, a device that hasn’t even had its first Christmas, room to breathe on retail shelves before the Quest joins it, or maybe it’s just been given a death sentence – there’s a chance fewer people will fork out for a Go now they know the Quest isn’t far behind.


The Verdict

While the tech is comparable to other stand-alone HMDs that are already on the market, the Quest should launch with a superior content offering.

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