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/ 14.10.2019

The Best VR Experiences On Oculus Quest Right Now

Thanks to the Oculus Quest, high quality, affordable experiences are now far more accessible to the everyday enthusiast and VR newbies alike.

The popularity of the headset, twinned with its technological capabilities, has inspired experience creators to fill the Oculus store with a wealth of content. 

With the launch of the headset in May, I looked at the must-have titles available. Since then, many more incredible experiences have been released. Here’s my rundown of the ones I think are worth checking out.

Red Matter

Set during a fictitious cold-war, this retro-inspired puzzle adventure game challenges you to navigate Saturn’s moons to uncover a top-secret research project. In Red Matter, you play as Agent Epsilon, a super-spy astronaut, and you are equipped with various hi-tech toolsto decipher hidden messages and investigate the facility. The graphics in this game are simply stunning and every tiny detail has been executed beautifully—it’s no wonder it’s being dubbed the best looking game on Quest. The gameplay is excellent too—the puzzles are unique to their environment and make you think, but are not too hard. The story is multi-layered with a number of twists, with the biggest at the end. Definitely worth a go. 


Mission ISS

This experience is right up there with the top educational and entertaining titles available for the Quest. Breathtaking visuals allow you to live the life of an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. You can take spacewalks, dock a space capsule, and be guided through the station by real NASA astronauts. This experience is an absolute must-have for any Quest owner—it really sets the standard for how incredible virtual reality can be. 


Time Stall

In this experience, you are the only human serving alongside a robotic crew on the Fantastic Leap escape craft, everything seems to be going well. But, when disaster strikes, you must protect the ship and its staff by using Time Stall—the ship’s safety protocol that allows you to freeze time, manipulate objects and divert projectiles in order to save the ship from destruction! The physics in this game are spot on, interacting with objects isn’t a frustrating experience as is the case with many other VR games. Whilst the puzzles in Time Stall are not particularly taxing, it’s fun to see how many different ways you can manipulate your environment to avoid disasters. 


Please, Don’t Touch Anything

If you’re in the market for a truly mind-bending puzzle game, Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a fantastic place to start. In this game, you are covering for a colleague who has taken a trip to the bathroom. You find yourself sat in front of a mysterious console with a single red button you’ve been told not to touch. Of course, you ignore this request, and then have to deal with the consequences. Think of this game as a virtual escape room where you have to look around your space and find clues, tools, and buttons to solve riddles. With 30 alternative endings based on your choices, you’re sure to have a different experience every time you play this delightfully creepy game!


Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

Drop Dead is a thrilling story that makes the best of the Quest’s 6DOF capabilities. In this zombie slashing title, you choose your weapons and team up with friends in Horde mode to hack and slash your way through the post-apocalyptic world. Duck, dip, dodge, and dive to avoid the onslaught of zombies and make the best of the tetherless headset. This game is also cross-play compatible, so you and other Quest/Rift owners can team up to check out the incredible stylized graphics and have a blast! 


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