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/ 17.09.2018

REWIND wins the BIMA Advance Award for Dynamic Business of the Year

I am hugely proud to say that we have won the BIMA Advance Award for Dynamic Business of the Year! Advance Awards celebrate the best of the best and the Dynamic Business award is for organisations that have pushed the boundaries to develop, innovate, and grow within their field. It’s an amazing feeling to have the team recognised in this way.

While I take a moment to bask in our win, here’s a look back on what we’ve achieved…

When I started REWIND in 2011 as a high-end CGI and VFX company, I never thought we’d be where we are today – a globally recognised immersive content studio. But, when the Oculus DK1 was released, we immediately saw the potential and quickly turned our focus to immersive. When we started out, there were no stitching tools for 360° video and stills, so we applied our VFX pipeline with the compositing application, Nuke, and devised a way to create a quality of content that no other studio was producing. Then the CG artists with a thirst for interactivity, who wanted to push boundaries and had a skill for problem-solving, started looking at the game engines, Unity and Unreal, suddenly we were making real-time VR experiences.

As creatives, we had 140 years to get film right, but we’ve only had five years to get our heads around VR. There are no veterans of the industry to guide us through so we have to stay nimble and informed. The very nature of the industry means we have to be modern and progressive.

Our pioneering approach and uncontrollable enthusiasm for tech, combined with a solid VFX and CGI production heritage quickly carved a name for REWIND. We’ve become known for pushing the boundaries in immersive content creation. From our Emmy nominated, Silicon Valley: Inside The Hacker Hostel, to the launch of Jaguar I-PACE in VR, from Magic Butterfly for Welsh National Opera to BBC Home – A VR Spacewalk –  which has won nine awards, including a prestigious Cannes Lion – we’re constantly innovating and pushing the industry forward. We’ve also crafted VR experiences for Bjork, released Ghost in the Shell VR, and helped Red Bull Air Race imagine the future of the world’s fastest motorsport through MR and the HoloLens.

We work on the bleeding edge of technology, with the whole business focused on immersive content. It’s not just an add-on, it’s the core. The team, therefore, has to be great at what it does as we live or die by our work. Smart people are brought together to join the dots and find the answers to the seemingly impossible. The curiosity and dedication of our team ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation.

But what really sets us apart? Rather than just being a solutions provider, REWIND is a solutions designer – we craft a bespoke response to a brief. There are no ‘off the shelf’ responses. The team is multi-faceted, a real melting pot of skill sets from the tech, creative, games, art, film, and design worlds. This has been a key differentiator for us. It has built confidence in clients, pushed them, and rewarded them with column inches for being unique. When people are thinking ‘wow, how did they do that’ you know you have achieved a bit of magic. It’s this magic that keeps clients coming back and growing the business.

So thank you BIMA for recognising what we do, thank you, clients, for believing in us, and most importantly, thank you team for being awesome and constantly smashing it!

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