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/ 10.01.2019

REWIND Part Of Winning Audience Of The Future Consortium Set To Redefine Audience Participation In Esports

We are delighted to announce we are part of a winning Audience of the Future consortium – Weavr.

Working with ESL; Cybula; Dock 10; Focal Point VR and the University of York, we will be transforming the experiences of millions of fans in esports, but also in traditional sports broadcast and live entertainment more broadly.

Weavr has been awarded a two-year grant as part of the Industry Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) which is investing in four consortia from the creative industries. 

About Weavr

Weavr will create cross-reality viewing experiences allowing fans to immerse themselves in high fidelity statistics, visualisations and data-driven stories that give them deep insights into the live match. Enabling them to seamlessly move between virtual and physical viewing, as well as utilise second screens to watch immersive esports content on the go. The use of AI & data learning to create highly personalised viewing experiences will allow for fully interactive and individualised insights for the audience. All of which will permit this project to demonstrate insight into how audiences of the future engage in immersive experiences and the pathways to future commercialisation.

About Audience Of The Future

ISCF’s Audience of the Future fund sees up to £33 million being invested in the evolution of storytelling and how the UK can continue to lead the world in the creative arts by exploiting immersive technologies. £16 million of the fund has been put into the demonstrator programme, which sees four industry-led consortia from the creative industries create new immersive experiences and test them with large-scale audiences. Weavr has won the Sports & Technology portion of this fund and will utilise ESL’s experience and market reach in esports to demonstrate the technology to their global audience.

About Esports

Esports is competitive video gaming at a professional level which has a current global audience of around 380 million people. The esports audience is the ‘audience of the future’ here and now with 80% of the demographic being made up of 18-35 year olds. During 2018 there were over 2.6 billion hours of esports content consumed globally across a multitude of online platforms including; Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Facebook, Twitter etc. As well as a wide variety of consumption points such as live audience, VR and traditional single screen content. The esports industry has been on the rise with recognition from the mainstream and steady growth for the last five years of 38.2% CAGR.

We are immensely excited to be part of an immersive entertainment revolution and paving the way for the next generation of immersive technology!

The official Weavr launch press release can be found here.


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