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/ 11.06.2019

REWIND Listed In The Creative Industries Council’s ‘Ones To Watch’ New Report

Fifty breakthrough UK businesses and projects harnessing creativity and technology are featured in a report published today (Tues) at the Createch 2019 conference, part of London Technology Week.

The ‘Ones to Watch’ report is being launched at the annual Createch event, hosted by the Creative Industries Council (CIC) to bring together industry leaders, international delegations and attendees from different creative and tech disciplines.

Compiled by innovation specialists Springwise with support from London & Partners, Digital Catapult and the GREAT campaign, ‘Ones to Watch’ features examples of how creative and tech expertise are being combined to transform products, services, and experiences.

We are honoured to be part of this report.

The report categorises innovations according to how they are experienced by individuals – for instance, whether they are experienced as more emotional or more functional. The document identifies four main growth opportunities where creative skills interact with artificial intelligence, mixed reality and other forms of Technology. These opportunities are:

  • Immersive entertainment
  • Transformational experiences
  • Seamless service
  • Personalised tools

REWIND is listed under Transformative experiences.

The report reflects the UK’s strong international reputation in both technology and creative fields, with the government estimating that global companies plan to invest at least £1.2bn in UK technology. Digital and creative industries contributed £130bn and £101.5bn, respectively, to the UK economy in 2017, and there is excitement over the area – known as Createch – where the two interact.

The report was launched by Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Studios and Co-Chair of the CIC, a joint forum of government and industry, who described it as a “who’s who guide of the UK companies at the forefront of Createch”.

Tim Davie further commented: ‘The UK is world class for brilliant creative talent and technological expertise and Createch 2019 is an exciting opportunity to explore the boundless possibilities presented by the interaction of the two sectors.

“The publication of the ‘Ones to Watch’ report provides outstanding examples of companies of all sizes from across the country who are breaking new ground in this area and changing our lives.’

Download ‘Ones to Watch’ here.

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