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/ 23.02.2016

REWIND – Key Creative Staff

Greg Furber, VR Director

Before joining REWIND, Greg worked in stop frame animation as an assistant director on Fantastic Mr. Fox and in the story department on Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. During a long-term position as a senior director at ASB, Greg created international broadcast commercials and animatics for global brands and worked on projects that involved motion capture, CGI, flash animation, and live action performances.

Greg now heads up 360° video production at REWIND. Using the latest camera technologies, Greg has delivered pioneering immersive projects for the likes of the BBC, NBC, Formula E and Sony. His recent real-time VR work includes a motion captured performance of Madam Butterfly for Welsh National Opera and the launch of Infiniti’s latest car.


Daryl Atkins, Executive Creative Director

Daryl is a visual artist and creative director. His experience spans all areas of production as director, cinematographer, and colourist for many commercials, music videos, and digital content. His passion for technology and design naturally led him towards creating interactive and immersive experiences and he now heads up the development team at REWIND as ECD.  

Daryl directed the multi-award winning experience, Home – A VR Spacewalk, which picked up a Cannes Lions Award in the Digital Craft category in 2017.

Being a musician himself, and having worked with touring productions developing creative technology for lighting design and show control, Daryl also oversees sound design and composition at REWIND.


Justin Manning, Executive Producer

With over 20 years of experience in the games industry, working on AAA titles at the very highest level, Justin has a wealth of experience in real-time content creation. With long-term positions at both Electronic Arts and Supermassive Games, Justin’s expertise in delivering high-quality real-time projects is second to none. His game credits are expansive, and include but are not limited to Until Dawn, Need for Speed, F1, and the Harry Potter franchises.

Since joining REWIND, Justin has introduced new technology infrastructure and project management practices to enhance the adaptability, consistency and quality of the studio output.


Sam Birley, Lead Developer

Sam has over ten years experience in the video games industry, with seven of those working in the back-end of real-time game engines. Starting his career in quality assurance and level design at Electronic Arts, Sam then moved in to engine programming at Headstrong Studios. He then moved to Creative Assembly, where he worked as an engine and graphics programmer on Alien: Isolation, before moving to Rocksteady Studios, where he worked on Batman: Arkham VR. Sam’s game credits include Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Top Gun: Hard Lock, Halo Wars 2, Alien: Isolation, and Batman: Arkham VR.

Sam has been a driving force within REWIND, contributing to HBO’s Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel, among other projects. Additionally, Sam has also been instrumental in the streamlining of processes, pipelines and workflows to ensure that REWIND’s internal infrastructure utilises systems, tools (Houdini) and importantly staff in the most efficient and effective way possible. His work has been invaluable in preparing REWIND for more narrative-led projects, allowing the studio to extend, grow, and be flexible in its storytelling.

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