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/ 11.06.2019

REWIND Brings WebAR To Restaurants Nationwide With Samsung’s Secret Menu

Commissioned by AMV BBDO, the REWIND team created an augmented reality (AR) experience on behalf of Samsung. The experience delivers a secret AR menu to diners with a Samsung smartphone in some of the UK’s most popular restaurants.

Using a Samsung phone, diners can unlock exclusive dishes which are accessed via a marker on secret menus in Bill’s, The Breakfast Club, Patty & Bun, and Pizza Pilgrims restaurants.

The use of WebAR for this activation means the dishes can be accessed hassle-free – there is no need to download a standalone app or integrate functionality into an existing app. Restaurant diners can view the exclusive dishes easily via a mobile web browser on their Samsung phone.

As there are very few WebAR experiences on the market, we carried out R&D in image tracking and WebGL rendering to develop a polished, premium experience.

REWIND used image tracking to derive a world-space plane about which the menu is orientated. From the marker, the menu unfolds to reveal the restaurant’s secret dish. While AR has become prevalent in recent years, it is still uncommon to find it within web content due to the computationally-intensive nature of AR tracking – using more of the CPU than browsers are typically afforded. To circumvent that, we researched novel image tracking frameworks that track with a high degree of stability running directly in Javascript.

WebGL is a platform that has greatly matured and stabilised over the past few years, yet it is still very rare to encounter consumer-facing sites making use of the technology. We used the framework to give users a secret menu, lit via a physically-based shading model rendered in real-time – something typically only encountered in real-time engines.

Projects like this are a glimpse into how users will interact with web content in the future. WebGL is still relatively unadopted in the mainstream market, yet it is the future of web-based interaction.

The campaign is running for six months. For more info visit:

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