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/ 05.06.2019

REWIND Announced As One Of The First Holoride Production Partners

Tech start-up holoride has announced its collaboration with three studios. We are honoured to be one of these inaugural production partners, alongside Schell Games and Mackevision.

After the company’s successful launch at CES in Las Vegas – holoride was named “Best of CES” four times – this is the next major development step.

Almost five months ago at CES, holoride announced it would distribute its Software Development Kit to developers by the end of the year. Ahead of schedule, the startup now gives an alpha version of the SDK to a selected group of leading production studios to create the world’s first holoride experiences for customers.

Elastic Content: a new category

holoride links Extended Reality (XR) visualization (e.g. VR) with a vehicle’s motion data in real time, creating an extremely immersive experience for passengers that also helps to reduce motion sickness. This technology introduces a new content category that is highly adaptive and always matches with type and length of the route. This is called Elastic Content.

“Creating content for journey-based XR experiences is an exciting new challenge for developers. We are very happy to have three leading international production studios on board, each of which has excellent expertise in its specific field.” says Nils Wollny, holoride CEO and co-founder.

We join holoride with a solid track record in innovating in the automotive and evolving digital mobility industry. It started with the world’s first fully interactive VR car configurator for Lexus back in 2014, and over the years we have continued to drive innovation for the world’s largest brands including Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and Infiniti. Now, we are looking forward to working with holoride to change passenger entertainment forever!

Each of the inaugural production partners has been chosen for its specialism. We have been dubbed the ‘creative masterminds for virtual and mixed reality’ by holoride, Mackevision is globally recognised for animation having designed special effects for Game of Thrones and Netflix productions, whilst Schell Games is a leading educational and entertainment game development company. We are excited to see what Elastic Content each partner produces!

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