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/ 06.07.2018

The Monthly REWIND – July Edition

Welcome to The Monthly REWIND – a digest of everything we’ve been up to and a look at the wider immersive landscape. Let’s dive in.

Westworld – 360º Immersive Experience

Working together with HBO, we created a bespoke piece of 360º content to promote the 2nd season of Westworld in 5,000 AT&T stores across America.

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Rhondda Rebel – AR Experience

Working again with Welsh National Opera, we blended AR with performance and music for a new stimulating experience.

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VRLO Is Back – Save The Date

VRLO returns on August 15th at the Microsoft Reactor! Thanks to our sponsors Immerse UK and Bluegfx for making it happen.

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SONY Xperia XZ2 – Promotional Video

We’ve gone back to our roots with the creation of this high-end video for the SONY Xperia XZ2!

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The Barriers To Brands Adopting XR – Opinion

Sol Rogers, CEO & Founder of REWIND, offers an insight into how brands can use AR and VR to their advantage.

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REWIND In VentureBeat – REWIND On The Web

Want to use immersive content to drive brand engagement? You need the right studio! Check out this VentureBeat article by REWIND’s Rick Davis to understand the important questions to ask before hiring any studio.

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Watch Oculus Detail Its Varifocal Half-Dome VR Prototype

Oculus is working on some incredibly impressive technology, a 140º field of view is only going to make VR even more immersive.

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Oculus has updated its minimum spec to Windows 10. 
The full consumer Vive Pro kit is coming to the UK, at a cost of £1,299.
– Steam’s monthly active VR users are up 160% year-over-year.
– Rumour has it that Nvidia’s next range of graphics cards will boost VR bandwidth.

That’s all we’ve got time for this month. Until next time, keep your eyes on our social media feeds for up-to-the-minute info!

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