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/ 18.06.2019

Choosing Oculus Quest Experiences? Read This!

The Oculus Quest is a fantastic starting point for showing the capabilities of VR to those new to the technology, but it’s also exciting seasoned VR users.

In fact, many of my colleagues have invested in it, and the device hasn’t disappointed. Even ‘First Steps’ – the intro experience for the headset – is impressive.

Oculus Quest launched with 50 titles and choosing which to invest in can be tricky.  To help, here’s a shortlist of titles – in no particular order – that are worth your time, and money.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an obvious must-have for any Quest owner. It’s one of the most intuitive VR games out there, with gameplay similar to ‘Guitar Hero’. A sense of rhythm and stamina are needed. Armed with sabers, you slice through fast-moving colored blocks to seriously intense music, scoring points as you go. Not only is this game incredibly entertaining and addictive, but it’s also one heck of a workout once you get going. The untethered freedom to duck and dodge the virtual obstacles makes this amazing game even more immersive with the Quest.



Just like fishing in the real world, this game is lovely and relaxing. Gameplay spans four different lakes, each with a distinct style and its own unique set of fishes. Your mission is to help your boss catch a rare fish. You’ll get hooked, plus it’s free!



In Moss, you meet Quill, a cute young mouse – the ‘chosen one’ – who finds herself on an adventure to save the world, with you as her sidekick. Together, you travel to forgotten realms, solve puzzles, and encounter enemies that must be defeated. It’s a sit-down experience which takes you on an endearing adventure.


Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 1

Vader Immortal is a full room-scale game that gives you the ability to climb ladders, deflect bullets from Stormtroopers, and face Vader himself. The game also includes an incredible ‘Lightsaber Dojo’ where you can hone your skills (which are actually more difficult to master than you think) by encountering waves of increasingly more difficult enemies. Definitely worth a go, Star Wars fanatic or not.


Superhot VR

Superhot VR is like no other game you have ever played. The passing of time is controlled by your movements in the game – time only moves when youmove. Red geometric enemies emerge from all angles until you are outnumbered, and then you have to dodge the hurricane of slow-motion bullets aimed your way. It can take a bit of time to master the game, but you’ll be toning your arm muscles in the process! If you’ve always dreamed of channeling your inner Neo from The Matrix and manipulating time – Superhot VR is the game for you!


Robo Recall Unplugged

Reminiscent of the Will Smith film ‘I, Robot’, Robo Recall Unplugged is an incredible first-person shooter where players have to fight against an army of defective robots intent on killing everything in sight. The untethered freedom of the Quest hugely benefits this game, allowing you to teleport through the streets, punch, shoot, and tear robots limb from limb without limits! There is a graphical downgrade from the original Rift experience, but this is almost negligible once you’re playing the game.


Journey of the Gods

Journey of the Gods is a Zelda-inspired adventure VR game that has you exploring a beautifully mystical world with your trusty sword, shield, and crossbow. Throughout the game, you can upgrade these weapons to give you more protection against a variety of enemies – each with their own special ability that requires you to change tactics for defeating them. I love the simplicity of this game, and the puzzles scattered around the map give you the feeling that there’s always more to do. If you’re a fan of all things fantasy, give it a go.


Shadow Point

A puzzle adventure game voiced over by Sir Patrick Stewart. Coatsink Software has rarely put a foot wrong with its titles, and Shadow Point is no exception. Set in a fantasy world amongst the stars, Shadow Point’s puzzles are based on light and shadow and are wonderfully simplistic in their design, so it’s a great game to start with if you’re new to VR.


Space Pirate Trainer

Remember Space Invaders, that classic arcade game? Space Pirate Trainer catapults that idea into the 21st Century by putting you inside the games cabinet, fighting off waves of droids with your laser pistol, and deflecting their shots with your shield. This game is truly awesome and very easy to pick up.



Baobab Studios debuted this interactive narrative at Tribeca. Unlike other experiences from the studio, you play the main character. As Space Scout 817, you are on a mission to discover a new home for the human race after it has made a mess of Earth. You crash-land on an unknown planet 300 light years from Earth. With a makeshift bonfire as your only light source and a robot sidekick (voiced by comedian and actress Ali Wong), you come into contact with the strange inhabitants and decide how you want to interact with them. It’s a comical experience which explores some serious themes.


Still undecided? Here are the costs and whether the experiences are cross-buy (between Rift and Quest) or have a demo:

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