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/ 11.11.2017

VRLO Immersed at WIRED Live

On Friday 3rd November, in partnership with WIRED, we ran a pop-up VRLO at WIRED Live. The two-day festival, which celebrated ideas, trends, new technology, and future-thinking design, has always been a favourite of ours, so we were thrilled to take VRLO to Tobacco Docks, the home of WIRED Live.

This special VRLO brought with it a carefully curated selection of demos, including the UK premiere of Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel, our latest VR experience created in close collaboration with HBO. Attendees had a blast exploring (and causing chaos) in our recreation of the Hacker Hostel and interacting with the hundreds of objects in the house. The smokeable bong caused a lot of amusement.

We were also delighted to be able to showcase Flight School Studios’ Manifest 99, a meditative experience with a unique mechanic – you travel through the world by looking into the eyes of creatures. We also demonstrated Alteration, directed by Jérôme Blanquet and produced by Okio Studio. This narrative experience, which was demoed on Gear VR, left attendees reeling with its storytelling.

Attendees were taken on an epic journey with the Grammy winning DJ Duo, ChainSmokers, in The Chainsmokers Paris.VR experience, created by Kuju in partnership with Ralph Creative. Engulfed by the music, guests went on a cosmic trip through dreamlike environments.

Finally, we were thrilled to welcome Immerse, showcasing their collaborative VR Platform which enabled attendees to assemble a satellite terminal in a desert, while an expert in The Immerse London office guided them through the process. It still amazes us what is possible in VR!

In addition to the demos, the event featured a series of fascinating roundtable discussions. Hosted by Rowland Manthorpe, Associate Editor at WIRED Magazine, a selection of XR experts debated whether AR had killed VR (the unanimous answer was no, they are two very different mediums), the keys to monetising VR and AR, and the big question – how far are we from mass consumer adoption of VR? Attendees were invited to listen to the industry insiders discuss and get involved themselves. Post-discussion, the beers were cracked open and the conversations continued to flow.

We would like to extend a big thank you to WIRED for hosting us, to our panelists for donating their time, and to the companies we worked with to provide such a great selection of demos!

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